How to reach Rotterdam

From Schiphol Airport to Rotterdam Centraal Station
You can travel easily and comfortable by train to Rotterdam Centraal Station. Tickets are available from the yellow vending machines in the baggage-claim and in the central hall of the airport. From the central hall the underground train station can be reached by stairs & elevators. For the train itinerary and platformnumbers please see the monitors in the airport hall.
If you decide to take a taxi (which is expesive), please refer to the official taxi stand, do not accept offers from individual taxi drivers in the airport hall. The average travel distance by train from Schiphol to Rotterdam CS 1 hour.
The train travel planner can be found at:

The Night Train

If you are departing/arriving at night or in the early morning, the NS night network could be the answer. The night trains travel once an hour between Utrecht CS - Amsterdam CS - Schiphol - Leiden CS - Den Haag CS -
Delft and Rotterdam CS and vice versa. If it is not possible for you to travel by night train, then why not take a look at the service provided by Schiphol Travel Taxi.

From Rotterdam Airport to Rotterdam Centre

Airport Shuttle 33: Rotterdam Centraal Station to Rotterdam Airport
A bus departs on average every 15 minutes. The journey time is approximately 20 minutes.
Travellers who need to be at
Rotterdam Airport very early in the morning/during the night can make use of the RET bus line B12.
More information and timetables about the bus line B12 can be found at: