Plantema Memorial Lecture

We are happy to announce that the traditional Plantema Memorial Lecture will this year be delivered by 
Mr. Jean Rouchon, 
the former ICAF national delegate of France. 

The title of his lecture will be: 


Short biography of Jean Rouchon

Jean Rouchon graduated in mechanical engineering from the National Graduate School of Engineers in Tarbes, France, in 1970. His professional career started in 1971 at CEAT (Toulouse Aeronautical Test Centre), at a time when what is known today in aeronautics as composite materials constituted a certainly promising but comparatively new technology. The first mission which was entrusted to him was the starting up, within the existing department ‘Materials and Technologies’, of a new research unit dedicated to studying and testing these freshly discovered materials.

Further to this first mission, he gradually broadened the scope of his expertise in CEAT, successively encompassing metallic materials and technologies in the early 80’s and eventually structures in 1990.

In 1993, while heading the CEAT’s department ‘Materials and Structures‘, he was appointed France’s National Delegate to ICAF, a position he held up until 2007. As such, in 2001, he organized the ICAF 27th Conference and 21st Symposium in Toulouse. 

When, with the Airbus A320 programme, the principle of joint European certifications was implemented in 1985, he was elected as an expert in composites to join the ‘Structures’ Panel set up by the Joint Airworthiness Authorities. On the basis of time sharing, he still held his responsibilities in CEAT and continued to fulfill his mission as a composite expert with Airworthiness Authorities in the subsequent programmes. He took an active part in the certification of most European aeronautical programmes such as the entire Airbus series, up to the A380 included, along with the Dassault Falcon series, up to the F7X. He left his mission with EASA in 2007 after the completion of this programme.

Jean Rouchon has written several publications in the domain of composite structures certification, more particularly regarding fatigue and damage tolerance. He has brought a significant contribution both to the rulemaking in this area and to the development of methods and means of compliance currently very largely widespread. He is now a private consultant.