Day 1: 25 May 2009, 31st ICAF CONFERENCE 

All plenary sessions will be held in the Jurriaanse Zaal

[Mon May 25] [Tue May 26] [Wed May 27] [Thu May 28] [Fri May 29]
08:45   Welcome Address by M.J. Bos, Conference Chairman
09:00   Welcome by F.J. Abbink (NLR)
09:15   Opening by A.F. Blom - ICAF General Secretary
09:30   National Review Poland by A. Niepokolczycki
10:00   National Review Switzerland by M. Guillaume
10:30   Break
11:00   National Review Germany by C. Dalle Donne
11:45   National Review Italy by L. Lazzeri
12:15   National Review Finland by A. Siljander
12:45   Lunch
13:45   National Review France by T. Ansart
14:30   National Review Australia by G. Clark
15:15   Break
15:45   National Review Sweden by H. Ansell
16:15   National Review United Kingdom by J.E. Moon